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2010 Wedding Story Studio Clients

I officially shot the last photo session of 2010 last weekend.  It’s been a lot of fun shooting a total of 37 photo sessions (weddings, engagement sessions, and anniversary session), getting to know so many awesome couples, making new friends, and at the same time learning tons of photography skills.  I look forward to 2011, that will be even more amazing :).

Have a wonderful holiday season, everyone!

Best, Ian

Photography by Ian Dharma

Copyrights 2010 Ian Dharma

01/23/2010: Nina and Bill

03/14/2010: Alisa and Mike

04/11/2010: Sewit and Yonas

04/17/2010: Sahar and Dave

04/18/2010: Sherille and Christian

04/24/2010: Karen and Kismet

05/08/2010: Sewit and Yonas

05/15/2010: Kristen and Dave

05/22/2010: Sarah and Bobby

05/23/2010: Amanda and Kurt

05/27/2010: Becky and Eli

05/29/2010: Lija and Tony

05/30/2010: Cindy and Ron

06/05/2010: Fiona and Bryan

06/25/2010: Elizabeth and Kurt

06/27/2010: Becky and Eli

07/03/2010: Sherille and Christian

07/24/2010: Alisa and Mike

07/30/2010: Kristin and Jack

08/07/2010: Nicole and John

08/14/2010: Sahar and Dave

08/15/2010: Jenny and Leju

08/21/2010: Joan and Chris

09/04/2010: Collete and John

09/05/2010: Elizabeth and Tim

09/18/2010: Laura and Anthony

09/25/2010: Amanda and Kurt

10/03/2010: Molly and Dan

10/09/2010: Sara and Jon

10/16/2010: Laura and Brent

10/23/2010: Kartika and Martino

10/30/2010: Christine and Justin

10/30/2010: Melissa and Ryan

10/31/2010: Lisa and Ryan

11/06/2010: Megan and Mitch

12/18/2010: Anne and Pat

12/19/2010: Nimisha and Shibu

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Nimisha and Shibu’s Anniversary, December 19th, 2010

It has been a year since I photographed Nimisha and Shibu’s wedding … time flies.  It was great seeing them again a couple days ago, when they had me shot their anniversary session.  Congratulations, Nimi and Shibu!

Best, Ian

Photography by Ian Dharma

Location: Chicago, IL

Copyrights 2010 Ian Dharma

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